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Single-Incision Surgery


Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a minimally invasive version of the gastric sleeve procedure that requires only one incision. While the procedure takes slightly longer, lasting about an hour, the recovery is very similar to the traditional procedure. Patients can rest assured that the doctors within the Tijuana Bariatric Center network are qualified to provide safe laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

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The single incision sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure, is the same like the sleeve gastrectomy. Just on this surgery we use just one port or one incision to perform the complete procedure. To perform this procedure, you have to have more skills because it's a little bit more difficult because we have to work in a very, very small area. But the results and the surgery is completely the same like the sleeve gastrectomy, the laparoscopic. On this surgery, the patients prefer to do it because they're going to have one scar and that scar is hidden in the umbilical area. So it's more for cosmetic purpose. To perform this surgery, we recommend, like the other surgeries, to lose some weight. Why? Because we have to work in a very, very small area. We can use the liver retractor because we're going to use one incision. To perform a single incision, it's a little bit longer than a normal sleeve. But we spend approximately one hour in total between starting the first incision, or the incision, and when we close the incision. The recovery process is somewhat the same. The patient has to be in the recovery room for approximately two hours. After that they move to their room and can start walking. The recovery process after that is the same, two weeks after surgery to go back to their work, and depends on the activities, but usually two weeks are enough. This is a life-changing procedure because the patient, after that, feel healthy and they start doing more activities than before. They can enjoy their life with their family.

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