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Atallia Martinez explains her role as a medical tourism coordinator. Atallia is responsible for ensuring that surgical care is planned and that patients receive outstanding care before, during, and after surgery. Also serving as their nurse, she arranges accommodations, checks patients into their hotel, and provides them with necessary medication and paperwork.

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My name is Atallia Martinez. I'm the onsite coordinator, as well I'm the patient's nurse. As an onsite coordinator, my main activity is make this process as smoothly for our patients before, during, and after the weight loss journey. I'm responsible to arranging the accommodations at the hotel, at the Marriott Hotel and here at the hospital, be sure that the patients, they don't have any concern or any situation with the staff as well. I'm the one who goes in and checks them at the hotel and be sure that the patient will leave Mexico without complications, before the patient's it's my responsibility as well to provide them the medications and the paperwork that they'll take back home.

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