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Understanding the Refund Policy for Bariatric Surgery 

Effective Date: October 20, 2015

Notice of Refund Policy for

Surgery Deposits & Payments

Cancellations must be received by Tijuana Bariatric Center in writing by email or via fax.


If you cancel your surgery at least thirty (31) days prior to the scheduled date for your procedure:

We will refund SEVENTY PERCENT (70%) of the initial deposit after we deduct (if any) additional expenses*  incurred by Tijuana Bariatric Center.

If you cancel your surgery within thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled date for your procedure:

We will refund FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of the initial deposit after we deduct (if any)  additional expenses* incurred by Tijuana Bariatric Center.

If you cancel your surgery 7 days prior to your scheduled procedure date you forfeit all of your deposit. 


If you arrive for surgery and the Surgeon decides, for your health and safety, not to attempt or complete your surgery, you will be responsible for all expenses including but not limited to, transportation costs, hotel stay costs, lab fees, etc., incurred as a result of the cancellation.  Upon said cancellation, any remaining balance of the 50% of your initial deposit will be refunded to you after all expenses incurred by you are repaid. You will be responsible for all expenses that exceed the 50% of your initial deposit.

 If you cancel your surgery, the deposit can always be applied to the rescheduled surgery or a different surgery with the same Surgeon.

*Should you elect to have medical tourism insurance, the premium is 100% refundable provided you do not cancel within two (2) days prior to the surgery date.

**Medical Tourism Insurance Policy terms for cancellation might change without previous notice, please discuss them with your coordinator.


      Any cancellation that is the result of a death or serious illness will be handled on case by case basis.


All credit card and debit card processing fees charged are non-refundable at any time.


By making payment to Tijuana Bariatric Center, you understand that Tijuana Bariatric Center is a medical tourism company that works independently, facilitating the obtaining of medical services provided by healthcare professionals who are not employed by Tijuana Bariatric Center. Reliance on any information or referral by Tijuana Bariatric Center is your sole responsibility and Tijuana Bariatric Center assumes no liability or responsibility for the advice, services, and opinions provided. Neither Tijuana Bariatric Center nor any of its employees provide medical advice or medical service or endorse or select any healthcare providers. Tijuana Bariatric Center is only responsible for the coordination of services that are not medically related.

Any information provided by Tijuana Bariatric Center to you does not constitute medical advice and does not create a physician-patient relationship.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our refund policy, you can contact us via:

Phone at 1 800-970-0577
Email at:
Tijuana Bariatric Center (TBC), LLC
2534 State Street Suite 428
San Diego, CA 9210

Contact Us