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Successfully Manage Stress
After Bariatric Surgery

Achieving your weight loss goals should be an exciting and positive experience. However, it is not uncommon for patients to feel anxious about their transformation. From your daily routine to your body itself, these changes can easily become overwhelming. If not properly managed, stress and anxiety can take a toll on your emotional well-being and your weight loss results as many patients turn to overeating and other unhealthy coping methods. The Tijuana Bariatric Center in Tijuana, Mexico, provides resources that can help you effectively manage stress after bariatric surgery. 

Smiling woman in yoga pose

Bariatric surgery patients may find particular methods of stress reduction, such as yoga, to be incredibly beneficial.

Why Patients Become Stressed 

Despite feeling positive about the initial signs of weight loss, you may also be experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression regarding the many changes you are faced with. Patients often cite several factors which contribute to increased stress after bariatric surgery, including: 

Adjusting to New Eating Habits
Many patients who undergo weight loss surgery have complicated relationships with food. The realization that you may not be able to eat some of your favorite foods or cannot enjoy large meals can lead to feelings of sadness. Learning new eating habits may seem like a daunting challenge.
Unrealistic Expectations
While bariatric surgery can help patients achieve their ideal weight, some individuals have unrealistic expectations about the effects on other aspects of their life, such as romantic relationships. Despite losing weight, patients may also continue to struggle with a negative body image.
Many bariatric surgery patients suffer from insomnia after their procedure which can lead to daytime fatigue, feelings of depression, and difficulty engaging in regular tasks. This can further increase stress levels.
Social Anxiety
Some patients experience anxiety surrounding social interactions if they are not ready to show off or discuss their dramatic transformation. This may cause you to isolate yourself from friends and loved ones which can affect your overall happiness.

It can be difficult to cope with stress while trying to balance all the changes in your life. However, it is essential that you gain control over anxiety as it can negatively impact not only your mental health but your weight loss progress.

Stress & Overeating

One of the most common ways post-surgical stress can manifest itself is the urge to engage in overeating. Giving in to this craving can have several negative effects on patients, including:

  • Reversal of results
  • Pain, nausea, and diarrhea
  • Negative emotions, such as guilt
  • Additional unhealthy eating habits

Fortunately, there are many ways to manage your stress in a healthy manner.

You are not alone in your weight loss journey. Finding a support system can help ensure your success.

Stress Management 

Proven stress-management techniques include: 

Regular Exercise
When the urge strikes to engage in an unhealthy activity, turn to exercise to curb the behavior and increase endorphins.
Controlling Accessible Foods
If overeating is your go-to response when stressed, remove temptation from your home and replace it with foods that provide you with the nutrition you need.
Engage in an Activity You Enjoy
When you are feeling stressed, find time to allow yourself to do something you enjoy such as reading, crafting, or watching a movie.
Speak to a Professional
If you feel consistently overwhelmed, speaking to a mental health professional can help you understand your feelings and find a personalized way to relieve and manage your stress.

Positive thinking, such as remembering your goals and the effect that treatment can have on your quality of life and longevity, can also help.

Find Support After Surgery

It is important for patients to remember that they are not alone in their weight loss journey. Finding a support system can help ensure your success. Contact the Tijuana Bariatric Center online to learn more about how you can effectively manage your stress after treatment. 

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