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Magnified illustration of single incision gastric sleeve surgery

Single Incision Gastric Sleeve

Many patients want to experience the life-changing benefits of bariatric surgery but are worried about a lengthy recovery or scarring.

At Tijuana Bariatric Center, we provide a single incision gastric sleeve to minimize scarring and reduce your discomfort during recovery.

Curious about what makes this procedure so great? 

While bariatric procedures can have a huge impact on weight loss and long-term health, many people hesitate to consider surgery, even when it may be necessary. To minimize the risk of complications, discomfort, and recovery time, the Tijuana Bariatric Center offers single incision laparoscopic sleeve (SILS) surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. With this minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Fernando Garcia can perform an entire operation through a single small incision by the belly button. By choosing to undergo a single incision gastric sleeve surgery with the Tijuana Bariatric Center, you can expect to pay just a fraction of the cost you would pay for bariatric surgery in the U.S. Contact the practice today to learn more about how this safe and cost-effective surgery can help you reach your treatment goals.

What is SILS?

SILS is an advanced, minimally invasive technique used in bariatric surgery to ease post-operative discomfort and reduce complications. During traditional laparoscopic procedures, surgeons make four to five incisions in the abdomen to access the digestive tract. Using a thin, fiber-optic camera attached to a monitor which acts as a visual aid, they can perform complex surgeries without opening up the entire abdominal cavity.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Sleeve

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SILS builds on this foundation, but uses a single incision hidden by the belly button instead of multiple openings. This reduces post-operative pain, speeds recovery, lowers the rate of possible complications, and leaves patients with little to no scarring. Dr. Garcia is among a select few doctors in North America who are qualified to perform this technically difficult procedure.

Because single incision laparoscopic sleeve only requires a single incision, patients enjoy little to no scarring. Surgeons can make the incision either around the belly button to ensure that scars are as discreet as possible.

While SILS can be paired with many bariatric surgeries, it is mostly used with restrictive gastric sleeve surgery. After making the incision, your surgeon will remove 80 percent of the stomach to reduce its capacity. As a result, patients experience less hunger and fill up faster at meals.

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a minimally invasive version of the gastric sleeve procedure that requires only one incision. While the procedure takes slightly longer, lasting about an hour, the recovery is very similar to the traditional procedure. Patients can rest assured that the doctors within the Tijuana Bariatric Center network are qualified to provide safe laparoscopic bariatric surgery. *Note: There is no guarantee of Specific Results. Results can vary for each individual.

Benefits and Outcomes

Many patients opt for minimally invasive methods whenever possible to improve the benefits of their procedure. SILS offers many advantages over other types of bariatric surgery:

  • Minimally invasive: Using a single incision rather than several simplifies surgery considerably. Surgeons work carefully around the tissue so that no muscle is cut during the procedure. SILS is consequently easier on the body and it is meant to cause less discomfort than a traditional gastric sleeve surgery. 
  • Better aesthetic results: Because the procedure only requires a single incision, patients enjoy minimal scarring. Surgeons can make the incision either in or around the belly button to ensure that scars are as discreet as possible.
  • Reduced chance of complications: With only a single incision, there is a much smaller chance of infection and other side effects. Additionally, since SILS does not typically interfere with a patient’s digestive capability, nutritional deficiencies are much less common.

Candidates for the Procedure

Not everyone is a candidate for SILS surgery. Your body mass index (BMI), earlier weight loss attempts, and previous surgeries all play a role in determining your candidacy for the procedure. If you have a BMI between 34 and 39, or if you have 32 BMI and as well as certain co-morbidities, you may qualify for this surgery. Your doctor can counsel you during the decision-making process to ensure that you receive the best treatment for your goals.

Contact the Office Today

Weight should not interfere with your daily life. Take advantage of the tools that bariatric surgery can offer you. To see if you qualify for this procedure, request a consultation online or call Tijuana Bariatric Center at (800) 970-0577. 

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