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Second Bariatric Surgery Procedures

The doctors practicing within the Tijuana Bariatric Center’s preferred provider network have the experience necessary to ensure a successful and safe second bariatric surgery at a Tijuana, Mexico, hospital. These types of procedures can correct health problems and also address insufficient weight loss. For more information about second bariatric surgeries, contact the Tijuana Bariatric Center today.

Reasons for Second Surgeries

Although many patients are satisfied with their bariatric surgery outcomes, some may seek a second surgery. Patients who have suffered significant side effects or complications from their first bariatric surgery require revisions. Other patients may not achieve the expected weight loss from their first surgery and would like to achieve better results.

Revision bariatric surgery

Tijuana Bariatric Center’s patients most commonly undergo revisions for:


LAP-BAND® surgery involves the placement of a gastric band to restrict the size of the stomach pouch, so the patient feels full faster, eats less, and loses weight. Although this procedure is one of the least invasive bariatric procedures, patients can still experience unwanted outcomes.

There is generally a higher risk of complications with second surgeries. For this reason, the success of the second surgery is highly dependent on the skill of the surgeon.

A common complication of LAP-BAND® surgery is band slippage, where the band moves up or down the stomach over time. This complication can lead to weight gain or decreased weight loss following the procedure. To correct this problem, the surgeon may reposition, replace, or remove the band. Sometimes, the surgeon may perform an additional bariatric procedure to help the patient lose more weight.

Another possible complication from surgery is the development of a hole in the stomach lining. If this occurs, the surgeon will remove the band and perform another bariatric surgery, like gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, to repair the hole.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

During gastric bypass surgery, the stomach is sectioned into two parts: a small upper pouch and a larger lower pouch. The smaller pouch is directly connected to a lower part of the small intestine, bypassing most of the digestive tract. This procedure makes patients feel full more quickly and absorb fewer calories from the food they eat, which in turn leads to weight loss. If the patient is inconsistent in dieting, the pouch can stretch out and the patient’s weight loss will slow down or the patient will gain weight. To resolve this problem, the surgeon may lengthen the bypass, reshape the pouch, or perform another bariatric procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery involves trimming the stomach to approximately the shape and size of a banana. This surgery reduces the capacity of the stomach and thus the patient’s hunger, leading to weight loss. Like the pouch that is created during bypass surgery, the sleeve can stretch out over time. To fix this issue, the surgeon can either re-sleeve the stomach or perform a different bariatric procedure.


A second bariatric surgery involves readdressing the surgical methods used in the first surgery, so it can not usually be done laparoscopically. Additionally, there is generally a higher risk of complications with second surgeries. For this reason, the success of the second surgery is highly dependent on the skill of the surgeon. Therefore, it is very important for patients to have their second surgery performed by experience practitioners. Tijuana Bariatric Center coordinates care with doctors who have vast experience not only in bariatric surgery, but also revisional procedures.

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If you have failed to meet your weight loss goals after bariatric surgery or have experienced unwanted side effects, we can help. Tijuana Bariatric Center strives to provide their patients with excellent results and personalized care. To find out more about bariatric surgery revision, contact us today.

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