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TBC Preferred Provider Network

Meet Our Bariatric Surgeon and Our Medical Team

Dr. Fernando Garcia Govea

Bariatric Surgeon

Surgeon License: 5446251 

A highly qualified surgeon, Dr. Fernando Garcia has more than eight years of bariatric treatment experience and two decades in the medical field. His experience (5,000+ procedures) helps him work with patients of 80 BMI or higher to improve their quality of life. 

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Dr. Paola Velazco Gerardo

Follow-up Care Physician

License: 5069959

With a background in internal medicine, obesity, and malnutrition, Dr. Paola Velazco provides follow-up care to patients of Tijuana Bariatric Center. She has over a decade of experience providing fast, dedicated care in emergency rooms, as well as on-call hotel room visits in a variety of hotel doctor's offices. 

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Dr. Maria Edel Garfias

Internal Medicine Doctor

License 5823459

Dr. Victor Cabrera

Cardiovascular Anesthesiologist

License 5419008

Dr. Eduardo Ochoa

Plastic Surgeon - Tijuana Location

License: 7373898

Dr. Ochoa believes in the famous quote by Alice Walker-"Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul" Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
International Member of PS Associations, National Member

Linda Cardona


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