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Medical Tourism Makes Safe and Effective Bariatric Surgery Affordable

If you are considering bariatric surgery to improve your health, you may be discouraged by treatment costs in the United States. Medical tourism offers an opportunity for patients to undergo safe and effective treatment much more affordably, while visiting desirable vacation destinations. Located just 25 minutes from San Diego, California, Tijuana Bariatric Center coordinates every aspect of your treatment, from travel and accommodations to aftercare. To learn more about how you can benefit from medical tourism, contact Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, today. 

Medical Tourism Accommodations

Medical tourism accommodations provided through the Tijuana Bariatric Center network ensure patients are prepared to have a safe, comfortable experience. Everything is prepared for patients prior to their arrival including two nights at the hospital, two nights at the Marriott in Tijuana, a visit with the nutritionist and coordinator, and transportation back to the United States. Patients only need to concern themselves with bringing a passport or passport card to travel across the border, comfortable shoes and clothes, and any personal items they may need for recovery. *Note: Medical Tourism Insurance approval for every patient will be treated on an individual basis. For more information regarding coverage, click here

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What to Expect during Your Stay

Tijuana Bariatric Center patients fly into San Diego International Airport, where they are greeted by a care facilitator upon arrival. This airport is convenient for travelers from throughout the United States and abroad. You do not necessarily need a passport, but you will need to bring:

  • Valid identification
  • Proof of a birth certification
  • Detailed medical history
  • Written clearance from your doctor, stating you are healthy enough to undergo weight loss surgery

Your driver will deliver you safely to your accommodations. The Marriott resort is often recommended for its comfort and convenience. You will stay there before and after your procedure, and generally patients will spend two to three nights in a nearby hospital. You can expect to attend post-operative appointments with your doctor and other medical staff before you are transported back to the airport. 

beautiful beach
Tijuana is recognized as one of the most attractive destinations in the world for medical tourism.

Affordable Care in a Beautiful Setting

Medical tourism patients who come to Tijuana can save a substantial amount on lodging costs and treatment. In fact, bariatric surgery at Tijuana Bariatrics is about one-fifth the cost of comparable treatment in the United States. The all-inclusive package covers:

  • Transportation to and from San Diego International Airport
  • Hotel, hospital, and medical fees
  • Pre- and post-operative testing and medication
  • Nourishment

Meanwhile, the level of care is not compromised in any way. Surgery is performed at facilities held to the same standards as operating rooms in the United States. Tijuana Bariatrics is also equipped with advanced technology, making it possible to provide a wide range of laparoscopic procedures

We offer convenient financing options to make affordable treatment fit any budget.

Beautiful Surroundings

Tijuana is recognized as one of the most desirable medical tourism destinations in the world. The area features stunning beaches, luxury hotels, and gourmet restaurants. Patients who travel to Tijuana can benefit not only from affordable care, but also a beautiful and relaxing getaway.

Keeping in Touch with Your Doctor

Your doctor and staff you will communicate with you in fluent English, and remain committed your needs long after you have returned home. You can keep in touch with care providers like your nutritionist online through email or Facebook. 

Learn More about the Benefits of Medical Tourism

If you wish to undergo bariatric surgery  such as gastric bypass or LAP-BAND without  high treatment costs, medical tourism offers a way to affordably reach your weight loss goals. Contact Tijuana Bariatric Center today to learn more. We offer convenient financing options to make affordable treatment fit any budget.

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