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Exceptional Care Before, During, and After Surgery


Medical tourism accommodations provided through the Tijuana Bariatric Center network ensure patients are prepared to have a safe, comfortable experience. Everything is prepared for patients prior to their arrival including two nights at the hospital, two nights at the Marriott in Tijuana, a visit with the nutritionist and coordinator, and transportation back to the United States. Patients only need to concern themselves with bringing a passport or passport card to travel across the border, comfortable shoes and clothes, and any personal items they may need for recovery.

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For patients, we make sure that all of the accommodations and everything is ready before their arrival. After the surgery, we offer transportation back to the United States. We offer two nights at the hospital. We make sure that all of the accommodations are ready before the patients arrive. We provide transportation back to the United States. We provide two nights at the hotel in the Marriott in Tijuana. We also provide the visit from the nutritionist and from the on-site coordinator just to make sure that everything is fine. And they're also able to contact the nutritionist and follow-up care doctor after, even if it's one, two or three months post-op, they need only to make a consultation with them. Contact them by email or phone number. It's very important for the patients to travel with their correct documents. Passport card, or the actual passport, it's the documents that they need to travel back and forth with. Driver's license and birth certificate was admitted a few months ago, but through the medical pass line, it's not anymore admitted. So it's really important that the patients travel with their passport or passport card, so that way, we can offer the best service and they can have less waiting at the border because it's really unpredictable. They also need comfortable and loose clothes. They need something comfortable to walk because right after surgery, the doctors are going to ask them to walk a lot, to just get rid of the post-op gas pain and we need them to have comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes, like flip-flops or sandals. We also need them to bring their personal belongings. Well, we recommend, like, toothbrush, towels, and also have light luggage. If the person is traveling by themselves, it's not a problem. Just bring light luggage and they will be fine. Tijuana is a really big city that is, in medical tourism, it's really experienced. We have a lot of doctors, bariatric, dentists, plastic and we have persons from all over the United States, Canada, and sometimes even Europe, they come here to Mexico to have medical treatment. So they come for a reason because it's less expensive and they know they will have the same treatment or maybe even better than in their countries. So patients shouldn't be concerned because we offer safety, we offer security, and all of our amenities and facilities are very safe, and that's our main concern, and they shouldn't be concerned, as well.

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