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A Period of About One Week


Laparoscopic surgery recovery spans about one week. During this time, patients are advised to minimize physical strain. Patients will need to adhere to specific medical and nutritional instructions provided by Tijuana Bariatric Center associates to prevent complications and achieve the best results.

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Laparoscopic surgery has a very fast recovery. The average time for recovery in laparoscopic surgery, I will say one week. You can start doing your normal activities with some restrictions. One of the most important restrictions is weightlifting. The patients cannot lift heavy things, no greater than 25 pounds for the first six weeks, and they need to increase that weight slowly. The food intake is gradual so it's similar to when you introduce food to a baby. It's liquids, soft foods, purees. So everything's gradual. So . . . But to . . . Going back to work, if they don't have...if they have a desk job, they can go back in a week. It is very important for the patients to understand that the recovery times are different for each patient. Most patients can resume full physical activity in three months. The patients need to understand that they have to follow directions, nutritional directions, and medical directions, to ensure that they recover with great success.

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