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Included in the Price of Treatment


Patient Coordinator Karen Peon explains the details of medical tourism insurance coverage. It is important that patients understand what the insurance does and does not cover, age limits, the time frame of coverage, and other details. The specifics depend on the type of surgery the patient is receiving, and will be discussed in great detail between the patient, coordinator, and doctor to ensure that everyone understands the scope of coverage.

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About medical tourism, it's very important that the patient understands that the insurance that we sell is not to pay for the actual surgery. It's just a coverage that we offer, and it's already included in the price. It covers for any complications that they might have during the actual surgery. With the insurance, of course, there are restrictions that apply, like if there is an existing disease or anything that the patient already has before he comes here, the insurance might not cover for some complications. So that's just something that we need to talk with . . . the coordinator, the patient and doctor need to talk with the insurance to see what it covers. The insurance covers from patients who are 18 years old until 65, and it's a $5,000 limit, and it's only for the days that the patient is in Mexico. Depending on the surgery, when it's bypass, it covers up to six days in Mexico. When it's sleeve, it covers five days, and when it's a lap band, it covers four days, which is the days that they're in the hospital, hotel, and the travel day, and it only applies here. If the patient decides to stay longer in Mexico, the insurance would only cover those five first days.

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