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Providing Safe Anesthesia


Anesthesia is an essential part of bariatric surgery. Dr. Victor Cabrera works with Dr. Garcia to oversee anesthesia during and after surgery. As an anesthesiologist and cardiovascular anesthesiologist within the Tijuana Bariatric Center network, Dr. Cabrera monitors vital signs during each procedure to ensure safety and comfort.

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My name is Victor Andres Cabrera Morales. I'm an anesthesiologist, also a cardiovascular anesthesiologist. I work with the three surgeons, Dr. Garcia, and Dr. Vazquez. I'm the one who takes care of the patient during surgery. I'm the one who monitors their vital signs, see the dip in the level of anesthesia the patients have. And I also take care of the patients to see if any life treatment so I can attend it sooner so nothing happens to the patient during the surgery. I take care of the pain during and after the surgery so the patients have a painless recovery.

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