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Doctor of Internal Medicine


Dr. Edel Garfias evaluates patients prior to clearing them for bariatric surgery. As a doctor of internal medicine, she takes great pride in helping patients achieve a healthier lifestyle. Her genuine concern for patient safety and well-being is fundamental to her position within the Tijuana Bariatric Center network.

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I'm Dr. Garfias, an internal medicine doctor. The first time, when I decided to go to the medical field is because I love to help people. The first time I was in touch with the patient, I knew it was the best decision I ever made because I love to treat people. I care for the people and the health of people. As an internal medicine doctor, I have to do a pre-evaluation with every patient to make sure everything is okay before they go to the surgery. So I have to make sure that the patient is in perfect shape. I need to check the blood tests, the EKG, chest x-rays. I have to make sure everything is okay to avoid complications. Our team is like a family, and that's why we treat the patient like family. So working here with the patients, it makes me feel fulfilled. We change a life, like 360 degrees of change in people's lives, because a lot of people, when they get here, they have a lot of health issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, some joint problems, sometimes they have sleep apnea. It's a great feeling when you see and hear from them they don't take any more medication for their problems or the problems go away. It's a great experience, completely great experience.

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