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A Compassionate Bariatric Surgeon


Dr. Fernando Garcia has over a decade of experience in bariatric surgery. Additionally, he serves as professor of advanced laparoscopic surgery at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California and worked for 10 years at Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social. As someone who has undergone his own weight loss journey, Dr. Garcia is genuinely invested in ensuring his patients feel comfortable under his care while helping them transform their bodies, health, and lives.

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I'm Dr. Fernando Garcia. When I was a kid, I liked to help people to feel better about the pain, to control some disease. I study medicine in Morelia, Mexico. The university is in Michoacan. It's a beautiful place in the south part of Mexico. And after that, I did my specialty here in Tijuana. I studied four years. When I finished the residence or the specialty of surgery, I started working in a public hospital, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social. I have 10 years working in that hospital. I'm a professor of advanced laparoscopic surgery in that hospital, and I'm a professor of the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California. I have 10 years doing bariatric surgery by myself. I am a member of the College of Surgeons here in Tijuana, and we meet every month to discuss some important cases about the patients. Well, helping my patients to achieve they dreams is very, very important for me because when they send me pictures or testimonials, I feel very, very happy. Many of my patients met me when I was obese, and one day my wife subscribed me to a gym and she told me, "Probably you need to change your life because you are changing the lives." So I had to learn how to run, how to bike, how to swim. And I started seeing my change, and I started my first half-marathon. Later, I started or began the triathlon. I lost approximately 70 pounds in probably 4 years because I felt I'm changing lives and I wanted to live by example.

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