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Tijuana Bariatric Center Blog

Iron Deficiency After Bariatric Surgery

Fernando Garcia Mar 02, 2018

The doctors at Tijuana Bariatric Center help patients avoid iron deficiency after bariatric surgery.

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Smaller Portions of Food Before Surgery: Preparing for Your Procedure

Fernando Garcia Feb 06, 2018

Before undergoing weight loss surgery, you will want to eat smaller portions of food before taking up an all-liquid pre-op diet. The team at Tijuana…

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Supplements that Help Avoid Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Fernando Garcia Jan 30, 2018

Weight loss surgery patients experience temporary hair loss after their procedure. The surgeons at Tijuana Bariatric Center consider dietary supplements that can help.

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The Link Between Sleep and Weight Loss

Fernando Garcia Jan 01, 2018

Lack of sleep may be taking a toll on your waistline. Find out how as we take a closer look at the link between sleep…

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Set Up the Ideal Recovery Area for Bariatric Surgery

Fernando Garcia Dec 26, 2017

Following treatment at Tijuana Bariatric Center, it is important to have a well-stocked recovery area where the patient can rest and heal.

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A Shopping List for Bariatric Surgery Recovery

Fernando Garcia Dec 12, 2017

After weight loss surgery, a patient must modify their diet for healing. This post-op shopping list will help Tijuana Bariatric Center patients with the early…

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Liquid and Pureed Food Ideas for After Bariatric Surgery

Fernando Garcia Oct 26, 2017

After undergoing weight loss surgery, patients will be on a liquid and soft pureed food diet. Tijuana Bariatric Center would like to share some recipe…

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Bariatric Surgery and Ulcers: Risks of Surgical Weight Loss

Fernando Garcia Oct 12, 2017

Ulcers sometimes develop after weight loss surgery. The team at Tijuana Bariatric Center considers these risks and complications and how they are treated and prevented.

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Causes of Obesity and How Bariatric Surgery Can Help

Fernando Garcia Sep 26, 2017

Our surgeons at Tijuana Bariatric Center discuss the causes of obesity and how bariatric surgery can improve your physical health.

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Should You Avoid Carbs after Bariatric Surgery?

Fernando Garcia Sep 11, 2017

The success of bariatric surgery requires some dietary changes. Today we'll focus on the intake of carbs after bariatric surgery.

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