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Tijuana Bariatric Center Blog

What Are the Safest Types of Bariatric Surgery

Male within a healthy weight rangeIf you are significantly overweight, or medically obese, bariatric surgery can be extremely beneficial. The various types of bariatric surgery encourage significant weight loss by reducing the capacity of the stomach, and, in some cases, limiting caloric absorption by rerouting the digestive tract.

As with any surgical procedure, there is a degree of risk involved with bariatric surgery. However, the potential benefits of bariatric surgery for those whose health has been threatened by excess weight often outweigh the risk of complication.

Still, patients want to know what the safest types of bariatric surgery are for their unique needs. At our Tijuana, Mexico bariatric center, we offer a high rate of surgical success, thanks to the skill and experience of our surgeons. While any procedure can be safe under the care of our doctors, there are certain techniques that are less invasive and, therefore, less risky. Here, we discuss some of the safest types of bariatric surgery.


LAP-BAND® surgery is considered the least invasive form of bariatric surgery. This procedure does not require the removal of any stomach tissue or the rerouting of any intestinal organs.

Instead, during this procedure, a LAP-BAND® device is placed around the top portion of the stomach. This band-like device reduces the capacity of the stomach. With the LAP-BAND® system in place, patients require less food to feel full. In addition, the LAP-BAND® system slows down the digestive process so that patients feel full longer.

One of the great benefits of the LAP-BAND® system is that the band can be adjusted to meet a patient’s changing needs. LAP-BAND® surgery is also completely reversible; should any complications occur, the device can be removed.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Sleeve

Another minimally invasive bariatric surgery technique is the single incision laparoscopic sleeve. During this procedure, a substantial portion of the patient’s stomach is removed. This procedure reduces stomach capacity and minimizes hunger to make weight loss easier for patients.

Although the results of this technique are the same as those of a traditional gastric sleeve procedure, this is a safer technique because it uses laparoscopic surgical tools that only require one small incision by the belly button, rather than four or five incisions.

This surgical option is ideal for overweight patients with a BMI of 39 or below.

Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery

Gastric sleeve plication surgery reduces the capacity of the stomach without actually removing any stomach tissue. During this procedure, a fold is created within the stomach.

By suturing this portion of the stomach, capacity can be reduced by as much as 75 percent. This minimizes the amount of food that a patient can comfortably eat and allows them to feel full faster.

Gastric sleeve plication is a less-invasive bariatric option because it preserves stomach tissues and leaves the digestive tract unaltered. Because gastric sleeve plication is a technically difficult procedure, it is not as widely offered as other bariatric techniques. We are proud to offer this innovative procedure at Tijuana Bariatric Center.

Mini Gastric Bypass

For some patients, the most effective way to achieve significant weight loss is by rerouting the digestive tract so that fewer nutrients and calories can be absorbed by the body. Although our surgeons make patient safety the utmost priority, gastric bypass is a riskier procedure because of the alterations that are made to the intestines.

Mini gastric bypass offers a simpler and safer alternative to traditional gastric bypass surgery. During this procedure, less of the digestive tract is rerouted. In all, mini gastric bypass offers weight loss results that are similar to traditional gastric bypass with a lower risk of complications.

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When diet and exercise fail to provide patients with the weight loss results they desire, bariatric surgery may be the ideal solution. To learn more about the various types of bariatric surgery offered at Tijuana Bariatric Center, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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