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Tijuana Bariatric Center Blog

Set Up the Ideal Recovery Area for Bariatric Surgery

Woman resting comfortablyExcess weight is a struggle for many individuals, and for many, it is not just a few pounds that need to be lost. Obesity is a serious medical condition that affects millions. For those who have struggled to lose weight on their own, bariatric surgery may be the ideal solution.

Bariatric surgery allows for rapid and dramatic weight loss, which enables bariatric patients to take control of their health. After bariatric surgery, the body will need ample time to rest and recover. Here, we offer suggestions for setting up your recovery area after bariatric surgery at our Tijuana, Mexico so that patients have a comfortable place to rest, one that is well equipped to meet their post-surgical needs.

Creating a Comfortable Space

Most bariatric patients are discharged from the hospital within a couple of days of bariatric surgery. During this early stage of recovery, fatigue and discomfort are common, so it is important to have a comfortable place at home to rest and continue the healing process.

Ideally, this area will be set up prior to surgery. It is also helpful to have a friend or family member stay with the patient for at least the first 24 hours that they are at home. Here are some useful tips for setting up a comfortable recovery area:

  • Stock up on plenty of pillows. It is good to allow the body to rest, but the body should remain propped up to encourage blood circulation.
  • Have several ice packs or cold compresses ready. Ice packs can help in the management of pain and swelling, both of which are likely to be concerns in the first week of recovery.
  • Make sure to pick up any prescribed medications prior to surgery and keep them close by. It is also good to purchase over-the-counter pain medication that has been approved for post-surgical use.
  • Don’t forget about the entertainment. Since there will be so much time spent lying in bed or on the couch, it is a good idea to get some movies, books, magazines, or music that will prevent recovery boredom from setting in.

Stocking the Refrigerator

Nutrition is especially important after bariatric surgery. Prior to the surgical procedure, patients should throw away any junk food and restock with foods that can be consumed during surgical recovery.

During the first week of recovery, patients will need to maintain a liquid diet. Staying hydrated with plenty of water is essential, but patients should also purchase protein drinks, and items such as sugar-free Jello.

Moving into weeks two and three of recovery, patients can progress to pureed foods. Patients can supplement protein shakes with high-protein items, such as egg whites and non-fat cottage cheese. Having these items in the refrigerator prior to surgery will make this aspect of recovery that much easier.

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