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Tijuana Bariatric Center Blog

Tijuana Bariatric Center Welcomes Dr. Luis Pasten to the Practice

Photo of doctor Luis PastenTijuana Bariatric Center is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Luis Pasten to the practice. We look forward to the addition of Dr. Pasten to our surgical team in helping our patients reach their weight loss goals through the latest advancements in bariatric surgery. Dr. Pasten's skill, compassion, and commitment allow him to provide a high level of care and excellence to our patients. Please join us as the Tijuana Bariatric Center welcomes Dr. Luis Pasten to the practice.

Meet Dr. Luis Pasten

Dr. Luis Pasten brings his medical expertise and passion for improving the health and well being of others to the Tijuana Bariatric Center's surgical team, which also includes Dr. Fernando Garcia and Dr. David Vazquez. With over 3,000 weight loss surgeries performed, Dr. Pasten has been transforming the lives of those struggling with their weight since 2012.

A doctoral graduate of the prestigious University of Guadalajara, Dr. Pasten's surgical experience extends beyond bariatric procedures to include general surgery and trauma surgery. Dr. Pasten honed these surgical skills during his general surgery residency at the General Hospital in Tijuana from March 2010 to March 2014.

Dr. Pasten takes particular interest in hiatal hernia repair surgery. In fact, hiatal hernia repair surgery was the topic of his doctoral thesis, which was published in a highly regarded medical journal in Mexico.

Certified by the Mexican Counsel of General Surgery and accredited in the Specialty of General Surgery, Dr. Pasten is dedicated to advancing the field of ambulatory and laparoscopic surgery as an active member of the Mexican College of General Surgery and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

With a strong belief in treating others with dignity, compassion, and respect, Dr. Pasten works with each patient to ease any concerns and answer all questions to help them achieve their health and weight loss goals. Dr. Pasten's combined expertise and caring, attentive nature make him one of the most sought after bariatric surgeons in Tijuana and abroad.

Dr. Pasten's commitment and passion for helping others extends beyond bariatric and general surgery. Dr. Pasten has pursued various charitable endeavors, including extensive volunteer work for the Mexican Red Cross. 

Dr. Pasten is truly an asset to our bariatric center and to our patients. We look forward to working with Dr. Pasten to help our patients overcome their struggles with obesity and improve their quality of life.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Pasten Today

At the Tijuana Bariatric Center, we offer a wide range of bariatric surgery procedures to help those who have not been successful in their battle with obesity regain control of their lives. If you are struggling with obesity and are ready to make a change, our surgeons can give you the tools you need to be successful in your weight loss journey and reclaim your health. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Luis Pasten, Dr. David Vazquez, or Dr. Fernando Garcia, we invite you to contact our practice today.

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