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Tijuana Bariatric Center Blog

Mini Gastric Bypass Benefits

Mini Gastric Bypass BenefitsIf you are considering bariatric surgery for weight loss, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available. The best way to decide which option is right for you is to speak with one of our surgeons at Tijuana Bariatric Center in Mexico. They can outline the details of the various procedures and help you decide on the best procedure for your individual needs. The mini gastric bypass offers numerous benefits and is one of our most-performed bariatric procedures. Learn more about the mini gastric bypass procedure.

Weight Loss

Patients who undergo a mini gastric bypass usually lose between 80 and 85 percent of their excess weight and are successful at keeping that weight off long-term.

Decreased Risk of Co-morbidities

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the mini gastric bypass is the decreased risk for co-morbidities. Most candidates who undergo this procedure suffer from serious weight-related health conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Patients often see a significant reduction or elimination of these serious conditions as they lose their excess weight.

Shorter Procedure

Traditional gastric bypass surgery is lengthy and often requires a longer hospital stay. Our surgeons can complete the mini gastric bypass procedure in under an hour and most patients only require an overnight stay for recovery.

Faster Recovery

With such a short procedure time and hospital stay, you can expect the overall recovery to be quicker than other procedures. Provided there are no complications, most patients are able to return to work in one to two weeks.

Smaller Incisions

The mini gastric bypass procedure is performed laparoscopically. This means just a couple small incisions are made rather than one large one. As a result, patients have less visible scars and may even enjoy a shorter recovery period.

Fewer Risks

The laparoscope and smaller incisions used with the mini gastric bypass also result in fewer risks. The procedure reduces a patient’s risk for infection, hernia, and other complications that are experienced in patients who undergo traditional gastric bypass surgery.


Unlike other types of bariatric surgery, the mini gastric bypass procedure is completely reversible. When complications arise with other procedures, or if the procedure is ineffective, a patient’s options are limited. With the mini gastric bypass, our surgeons can completely reverse the procedure and select an alternative method should complications arise.

Less Expensive

Because the procedure is shorter and requires minimal recovery time in the hospital, mini gastric bypass surgery is less expensive than many other bariatric procedures.

Find Out if Mini Gastric Bypass Is Right for You

Although it has a wide range of benefits, a mini gastric bypass is not right for all patients. If you are interested in learning more about the procedure and finding out if it is a good weight loss solution for you, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons. They will evaluate your current weight and health, as well as any previous weight loss measures you have tried, in order to determine if a mini gastric bypass is right for you.

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