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Tijuana Bariatric Center Blog

Mini vs. Traditional Gastric Bypass: Which Surgery Is Right for Me?

The mini gastric bypass surgeryCountless people who suffer from obesity come to Tijuana to undergo weight loss surgery. When performed at state-of-the-art medical facilities by highly trained professionals, bariatric surgery abroad can improve your health and save you money.

In recent years, surgeons have developed the mini gastric bypass surgery, and alternative to the traditional Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Let's consider how these surgeries differ and why one may be a more ideal option for a patient than the other.

About Traditional Gastric Bypass Surgery

During a traditional gastric bypass surgery, a stomach is divided into an upper pouch and a lower pouch. The small intestine is rerouted in order to connect these two parts. In the process, the surgery is able to promote weight loss through restrictive and malabsorptive means.

Restrictive weight loss refers to a reduction in the amount of calories that a person can consume in a single sitting. Malabsorptive weight loss refers to reducing the number of calories that the body absorbs during the digestion process.

Ideal Candidates for Traditional Gastric Bypass Surgery

The best candidates for traditional gastric bypass surgery are people who suffer from morbid obesity, with a BMI of 40 or greater. People who are obese and suffer from obesity-related conditions such as diabetes and serious hypertension are also considered good candidates for the procedure.

About Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

A mini gastric bypass is a variation on the traditional surgery outlined above. In essence, it is very much like the traditional gastric bypass since there are two stomach pouches created and the small intestine is rerouted to help connect these two sections. Yet the surgery is simplified and requires less time than a traditional gastric bypass.

Ideal Candidates for Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Good candidates for the mini gastric bypass surgery are also candidates for the traditional gastric bypass in many cases. In fact, more and more surgeons are considering the mini gastric bypass given the many benefits involved.

Advantages of the Mini Gastric Bypass

In addition to the reduced surgery time and simplified procedure, a mini gastric bypass has so far demonstrated fewer instances of complications than a traditional gastric bypass. This is because there is less rerouting of the small intestine, and the stomach pouches are made in a different fashion. This means a safer and faster procedure that yields similar results. It takes special training and care to perform the mini gastric bypass, so this often translates into more attentive and careful surgical procedures.

Why a Traditional Gastric Bypass Still May Be More Ideal

For some patients, there may be cases in which a traditional gastric bypass may be more viable. This may be related to health concerns or other physiological conditions that are present. We should also note that studies are ongoing as to the effectiveness and results of the mini gastric bypass, so more research needs to be done and more data collected.

Learn More About Gastric Bypass Surgery

For more information about your various options for surgical weight loss and which ones might be most ideal for you, be sure to contact our team of weight loss surgery specialists today. The team at our practice will be happy to discuss these matters with you in greater detail.

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