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Tijuana Bariatric Center Blog

When Can I Resume Exercise After Bariatric Surgery?

A couple exercising togetherWhen it comes to any activities after bariatric surgery, it's always best to take things slow while you're recovering. Your body is still in the process of healing, and forcing yourself or overexerting yourself can lead to serious injuries to the abdominal area. That's what we always tell patients at our Tijuana bariatric surgery center.

Light activity is generally better after surgery, with more strenuous activities saved for a few weeks later as your body heals. Let's look at some general guidelines for exercise after bariatric surgery.

Walking After Weight Loss Surgery

While certain exercise may be off limits as you recover, walking is recommended as soon as you care able to do it. Walking around your home can help promote circulation, which aids in healing and also helps prevent blood clots from forming in your legs. Consider walking the first kind of exercise you can do as you recover.

Light Stretching and Simple Exercise

In addition walking, some light stretching is recommended to help stay flexible and active. You'll want to avoid bending or squatting, of course, but moving your arms around a little can go a long way toward facilitating recovery.

When Can I Run and Do Cardio Again?

This can vary from patient to patient, but you may be able to return to running after several weeks. The jarring motion on your body needs to be taken into account in all this, so time frames do vary. Instead of running and heavy aerobics, we think that swimming may be much better. Swimming will increase your heart rate, improve your breathing and respiratory health, and it will be much easier on your joints and body.

When Can I Return to Lifting Heavy Objects?

This is something to avoid for quite a while as your body really needs to recover to its fullest. Light weights such as reasonably sized dumb bells can be lifted about six weeks after surgery. As for major weights, you may want to hold off on that until three months after surgery.

When Can I Do Abdominal and Core Exercises?

Core strength is crucial for general wellness, but since bariatric surgery involves direct treatment of the abdominal region, you may want to wait a bit before doing crunches, core exercises, and other strenuous abdominal and lower back exercises. Consult with us about yoga and other kinds of exercises that improve core strength, which can be used as a transition into directly working the abs and lower back. It may take several weeks, but easing into things is ideal.

Always Important to Remember: Take Things Slow

We said it before and we'll say it again: it's important to take things slow as you recovery from surgery. While we can understand a sense of frustration about not being active, your main focus early on is healing. Taking that necessary time to recover and be totally well before getting into the exercise routine and resuming normal activities means fewer potential problems in the long run.

Whether it comes to diet, exercise, or other activities, be sure to not force anything. You'll be doing yourself a lot of good by heeding this advice.

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To learn more about resuming physical activity after weight loss procedures and how we help you improve general wellness, be sure to contact our bariatric surgery center today. The team at Tijuana Bariatric Center is here to help you achieve total wellness.

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