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Tijuana Bariatric Center Blog

Bariatric Surgery Recovery Diet: Week Two

A green apple and measuring tapeThe team at Tijuana Bariatric Center believes in carefully providing optimal care to all of our patients. We focus on all aspects of a weight loss surgery procedure, from the pre-planning of a surgical treatment all the way through to recovery months and even years down the line.

Bariatric surgery recovery is crucial to achieving the best results, which is why we provide ample information to patients about their diet and exercise activity after weight loss surgery. We'd like to continue looking at bariatric surgery recovery by considering the dietary needs of patients in the second week after the procedure.

A Recap on Week One Diet

As we noted in a previous blog post, patients will ingest only the following in the first week of bariatric surgery recovery:

  • Water
  • Heavily diluted and approved juices
  • Certain approved broths (e.g., chicken, vegetable, clear beef)
  • Sugar-free gelatin
  • Sugar-free popsicles or juice bars
  • Flavored waters

By week two, the diet changes as the stomach and digestive tract heals.

The Slow Transition to Solid Foods Continues

During the second week of recovery, patients will eat a combination of very soft foods and extremely pureed foods of a certain variety. Some approved food items to consider include:

  • Sugar-free pudding
  • Thinned applesauce
  • Non-fat yogurt
  • Creamy soups that are very thin
  • Sugar-free sorbet
  • Watery oatmeal
  • Non-fat, sugar-free ice cream

The liquids from the first week of recovery can also be ingested as well, obviously.

Liquefied Proteins

In addition to the above foods, patients in their second week of recovery can also consider having protein shakes to help supplement daily protein and nutrition needs. These shakes should be sugar-free and be mixed with clear liquid that is non-carbonated.

Continue to Take Things Slow

As always, it's important that you really take things slow in this early phase of recovery. Do not push yourself to eat too fast or to try to get back to solid foods too quickly. Instead, savor your meals and pay attention to the need of your body as you are eating.

What to Expect in the Weeks Ahead

In the third week after bariatric surgery, patients will be able to have certain soft solids and pureed meats, which will be a welcome addition to a diet. Yet we stress that patients must remain attentive to their body's needs and take things slowly and steady.

If you should have any questions about your dietary needs at all, we will be more than happy to address them. Giving you the information you need to rest easy and be your healthiest is why we are here.

Contact Tijuana Bariatric Center

For more information about your dietary needs in the weeks after bariatric surgery, be sure to contact our team of weight loss surgery specialists today. The team at Tijuana Bariatric Center will work with you to help improve your health, wellness, and sense of self.

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