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Tijuana Bariatric Center Blog

Can Bariatric Surgery Help Treat Diabetes?

An older man smilingAt Tijuana Bariatric Center, we always make it our goal to focus on a patient's total wellness and how it can best be achieved. We offer different types of bariatric surgery procedures, tailoring each treatment to meet the needs of the patient.

Many obese and morbidly obese people suffer from diabetes. Thankfully, weight loss surgery can treat diabetes as well as many other obesity-related health problems. Let's explore these matters in greater detail right now.

Diabetics Often Undergo Bariatric Surgery

Many people who are obese or morbidly obese suffer from type 2 diabetes. In fact, obesity is one of the leading causes of this health problem, in addition to other serious issues with health and wellness, such as hypertension, joint problems, increased risk of heart disease, and increase risk of certain cancers. The exact mechanism involved in insulin resistance as a result of obesity has yet to be identified.

It's no wonder, then, that many diabetics undergo bariatric surgery in order to treat the various health problems associated with their obesity. As scientific and medical research has found, bariatric surgery plays a significant role in improving wellness, which includes potentially curing type 2 diabetes.

What Bariatric Surgery Does for Diabetics

Studies have found that diabetics who undergo bariatric surgery often experience remission of their diabetes. His means that blood sugar levels are no longer in the diabetic range, and this is without the aid of medication. The weight loss coupled with the improvement in their eating habits and overall lifestyle wind up curing diabetes, in essence.

There are many short-term and long-term health gains for diabetics who consider undergoing surgical weight loss.

How Long Will Type 2 Diabetes Remain in Remission?

Research is ongoing on this front. However, studies have found that remission from diabetes can last 15 years, and perhaps even longer. The chances of long-term diabetes remission is around 30 percent, which is rather significant, all things considered.

Medical research is continuing, and these findings may improve as more and more weight loss surgery patients participate in studies and as more data is accumulated.

Types of Bariatric Surgery

There are many different kinds of weight loss surgery procedures which help reduce body mass through restricting the amount of calories consumed, reducing the number of calories absorbed into the system during digestion, and a mixture of both these mechanisms.

Common bariatric surgery options include:

  • Gastric Band Surgery – This kind of surgery involves the use of a silicone band to reduce the size of the stomach.

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery – This procedure involves the surgical reduction of the stomach size and rerouting part of the small intestine.

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery – This procedure involves the surgical reduction of the size of the stomach.

We can go over all of your surgical options in greater detail during your visit to the practice.

Is Bariatric Surgery Right for Me?

The best way to find out if weight loss surgery is a good option for you is to meet with your general practitioner and discuss matters. We can then hold a consultation with our team to cover the risks and benefits of each procedure in greater detail, answering any and all questions that you may have about the procedure and what it can achieve.

Schedule a Consultation at Tijuana Bariatric Center

For more information about treating obesity-related illnesses through the latest in bariatric procedures, be sure to contact our weight loss surgery center today. The team at Tijuana Bariatric Center looks forward to your visit and helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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