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Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss

With the aid of bariatric surgery, weight loss can be dramatic and life-changing. Our Tijuana, Mexico, practice coordinates care so patients on any budget can reap the benefits of low-cost surgical weight loss treatment. Tijuana Bariatric Center has the tools you need to maximize results by losing weight and keeping it off. We also encourage patients to seek support to further refine their new, healthy habits.

LAP-BAND® surgery restricts the size of the stomach pouch, so the patient feels full faster, eats less, and loses weight. Weight loss is slower with this procedure compared to other bariatric surgeries, but it is less invasive and easily reversible. With the LAP-BAND®, patients may lose up to 70% of their excess weight and continue losing weight for up to three years. However, this gastric band requires patients to strictly adhere to the postoperative diet.

Woman weighing herself
Weight loss after bariatric surgery can be dramatic and for many patients, life-changing.

Gastric Bypass

Patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery report losing as many as 10 to 20 pounds per month up to a year after surgery. Overall, many patients lose as much as 60-80% of their excess weight. This procedure may lead to conditions that increase a patient’s energy expenditure. It also produces changes in the hormones that enhance the feeling of fullness and reduce the patient's appetite.

Patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery report losing as many as 10 to 20 pounds per month up to a year after surgery. Overall, many patients lose as much as 60-80% of their excess weight.

Patients typically maintain more than 50% of excess weight loss. In order to maintain optimal health, patients must stick to strict dietary guidelines as well as vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Mini Gastric Bypass

This type of gastric bypass limits how much the patient can eat and how many calories they absorb from their food. The mini gastric bypass procedure offers similar results to gastric bypass. Patients often report losing up to 80-85% of their excess weight.

Duodenal Switch Surgery

This procedure can offer dramatic results. Within three years, many patients report losing up to half of their original weight. As with the gastric bypass procedure, duodenal switch surgery impacts the hormones to decrease hunger and increase feelings of fullness. It also helps improve blood sugar control. Patients who undergo this procedure must strictly follow dietary and vitamin supplementation guidelines.

Gastric Sleeve Plication

With gastric sleeve plication, which restricts the stomach's capacity using an internal fold, a patient’s hunger is satisfied with considerably less food. This procedure can result in a loss of 30-55% of excess weight. While these results are not as dramatic as with other procedures, gastric sleeve plication surgery is easier to revise or undo if the patient is not satisfied.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

This surgery reduces the capacity of the stomach and thus the patient’s hunger, which can cause rapid and significant weight loss. In as little as four to six months, gastric sleeve surgery patients may lose as much as half their original weight. Similar to gastric bypass surgery, patients may experience maintenance of more than 50% of excess weight loss. Without following the strict dietary recommendations and vitamin supplementation, however, patients can suffer from long-term vitamin deficiencies.

After the Surgery

Bariatric surgery is an aid to weight loss, not a cure. Many of the procedures available through Tijuana Bariatric Center require patients to follow strict dietary recommendations as well as vitamin and mineral supplementation. Failure to do so could lead to severe dietary deficiencies that can lead to other health problems.

Patients should be committed to making healthy lifestyle changes, including strictly following the recommended diet and getting sufficient exercise. Surgery and diet alone will not be sufficient for patients to keep off the weight.

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Bariatric surgery can increase your confidence and enhance your quality of life. For additional information about weight loss after bariatric surgery, contact the Tijuana Bariatric Center today.

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