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Achieving Long-term Success following Bariatric Surgery

The primary goal at Tijuana Bariatric Center is for patients to achieve long-term success following bariatric surgery. The doctors and staff in Tijuana, Mexico, will help guide you through the entire process, including what to expect following the procedure and during recovery, and how to maintain a healthy weight.  The surgery is the first major step in achieving the look you desire, but patience, proper dieting, and exercise, and various forms of support, are all important elements that must be maintained to help you experience long-term success.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Following your procedure, it is extremely important to have a plan to maintain a healthy diet of the right foods. While patients must understand the different types of food they should eat and what types of nutrients can help achieve a healthy weight, the preparation and planning of this diet are equally important. Some techniques and practices that can help you to stay consistent with your diet include:

Measuring Portions: To ensure that you are receiving the appropriate number of calories and proper nutrients in each of your meals, you should use a scale to measure your portions and make sure that you are not overindulging.

Surrounding yourself with positive influences that offer motivation and emotional support can help guide you throughout your weight loss journey.

Keeping a Journal: By keeping a journal to record both your planned meals and the meals you have eaten, it can help you maintain your routine and have a reference when meeting with your nutritionist and support group.

Eating Slower: Chewing food thoroughly will help minimize the chances of digestive issues and allow your stomach to properly break down the meal.

Maintaining an Exercise Routine

two women joggingFollowing your surgery and once cleared by a doctor, it is important to maintain a regular exercise routine. Starting slow and entering a daily habit of exercise will not only help you reach your weight loss goal, but also make it easier to stay motivated after the goal has been reached. If you feel as though you are beginning to lose motivation or the routine is becoming dull, try adding more variety to your exercises.

A Strong Support System

Dramatic weight loss is something that takes consistency, patience, and dedication. However, it can take an emotional toll on some patients that makes the experience difficult. During this time, it is important to have a network of family, friends, support groups, personal trainers, and professional nutritionists to help you during this time. Surrounding yourself with positive influences offering motivation and emotional support can help you remain dedicated to your weight loss journey.

Long-term Success

At Tijuana Bariatric Center, a qualified team member will guide you through your procedure and provide you with all of the tools and information you need to achieve weight loss success. Whether you need more information on a proper post-bariatric surgery diet, tips on healthy habits, or what you can do to prevent weight gain following your procedure, the team of specialists is available to help. To learn more about achieving and maintaining your goals, please contact us today.

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