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Tijuana Bariatric Center Offers Affordable Bariatric Surgery

Up to $5000 of Medical Tourism Insurance is now included in every surgery package.


We offer an Online Support Group where you can get support for weight loss, unbiased information about the surgery process, our doctors, and our hospital from patients that are going through the process or have already gone through the weight loss surgery process. Our support group is a closed and private group by invitation only. Your privacy is always maintained;

  • Brand New, State of the Art Bariatric Hospital with accredited and fully staffed ICU;
  • Support that does not end when surgery is over;
  • Continuous Post-Op Nutritional Counseling during and after surgery;
  • Continuous Post-Op Medical Counseling during and after surgery;
  • Well-Trained, English-speaking, Highly Educated Doctors and medical staff;
  • Board Certified Doctors;
  • Limited surgeries per day;
  • Each doctor has performed thousands of procedures;
  • Private Hospital and Hotel rooms;
  • All Patient nourishment included;
  • No extra charge for support companion (meals not included).  

If diet and exercise have proved unhelpful in achieving your weight loss goals, the Tijuana Bariatric Center can help. The Center proudly represents a network of highly experienced doctors who offer a range of safe laparoscopic bariatric treatments performed at a fraction of the price you can expect to pay in the U.S. The team can provide answers to all your questions and help separate fact from fiction, helping you make an informed decision. Reach out today to learn more about the practice and its comprehensive bariatric surgery services in Tijuana, Mexico.

A Bariatric and Cosmetic Surgical Center Meeting the Highest Standards

The Tijuana Bariatric Center network provides safe, high-quality care to patients seeking bariatric and cosmetic surgery. Patients from the United States and Europe come to the surgical center to undergo these procedures at a significantly lower cost in the utmost safety. The board-certified doctors are dedicated to helping patients achieve their weight loss goals so they can feel confident and experience a better quality of life.

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Qualified Doctors

Dr. Fernando Garcia works to provide patients with thorough and effective care. With extensive training and experience performing thousands of successful bariatric surgeries, both doctors are qualified to meet a wide range of patient needs. Dr. Garcia specializes in working with patients who are not considered candidates at other practices, whether due to an extremely high BMI or a history of revision surgery.

Illustration of obese versus normal weight patient
Affordable bariatric surgery makes this life-changing treatment available to even more patients.

Dedication to Quality

Tijuana’s proximity to the U.S. makes it a prime destination for medical tourism – particularly weight loss surgery. While bariatric procedures are offered at more affordable rates, you do not have to worry about compromising your safety. Patients at the Tijuana Bariatric Center are provided quality care held to the same standards of excellence and safety as those in the U.S.

To reduce risk, Dr. Garcia performs all of their procedures laparoscopically, using small incisions and fiber-optic video cameras to guide the surgery. Patients can enjoy reduced post-operative discomfort, faster recoveries, and minimized scarring.

What to Expect at the Tijuana Bariatric Center

Upon submitting your online application with a request for the doctor of your choice, you will receive a packet of information that includes a link where you can provide your medical history. Once this has been filled out, your selected doctor can review your application and history, make any necessary observations, and determine whether you are eligible for surgery. Once approved, your appointment will be scheduled and you will fly to the San Diego airport.

The Tijuana Bariatric Center team handles your care from the moment you land at the airport to your departure. A designated driver will chauffeur you to your hotel in Tijuana where you can relax for the first night. The morning after your arrival, you will visit the hospital to undergo a number of pre-operative tests and to meet with your surgeon, internist medical doctor, anesthesiologist, and follow-up care doctors.

Patients may elect medical tourism insurance to ensure their health and financial security. As one of a select group of companies providing this type of insurance in Mexico, the Tijuana Bariatric Center is proud to offer coverage for up to $5,000 USD against unforeseen events during your medical care, as well as zero deductibles and zero coinsurance.

After your surgery, you will remain at the hospital for one to three nights to monitor your progress. During this time, your doctors and nutritionist will visit to advise you on proper aftercare and diet, as well as provide information about the tests you will need to undergo at your follow-ups. Once your doctors approve you for discharge, you will spend one to two final nights at the hotel before a driver takes you back to the San Diego airport.

However, your care does not end with your return home. Patients can remain in direct communication via email, Facebook, or phone with their nutritionist and doctor for weeks to months after the procedure, whether to ask questions or send updates on their progress. Depending on your results and pre-operative lifestyle, your follow-up appointments can be scheduled for three months, six months, and a year after your procedure.


Patients select comprehensive medical tourism insurance to ensure their health and financial security. As one of a select group of companies providing this type of insurance in Mexico, the Tijuana Bariatric Center is proud to offer coverage for up to $5,000 USD against unforeseen events during your medical care, as well as zero deductibles and zero coinsurance.

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The Tijuana Bariatric Center strives to help patients improve their quality of life. To learn more about which treatment options can help you reach your weight loss goals, reach out today

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